Our Story - How suuthe Came To Be

Born from a mother’s need to help repair and relieve her son's relentless eczema, suuthe skin products are high-quality natural and organic, food-grade ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to provide fast, effective, natural relief for sensitive and damaged skin.

In 2006, Mari Carlin Dart was desperate for some relief for her son's seemingly incurable eczema. She was up night after night with her suffering son and had tried every cream, lotion, and magic potion available in hope of bringing him comfort. Nothing worked. So she set about trying to make her own eczema relief cream and stumbled upon a solution:

"I was desperate and frustrated. My six-month-old son had dramatic eczema, and after trying an ocean of products and literally thirteen different doctors and healers (from allergists to acupuncturists!), he was no better. One medical doctor said it was “incurable.” I refused to believe my son had to suffer.

Armed with my life-long storehouse of knowledge on natural healing and the latest research, I took to my own kitchen. After countless tries, experimenting with dozens of natural ingredients, I came up with a salve that worked. With it, my son got enough relief from his intense inflammation for an alternative physician to step in and get him the rest of the way. Now he is an eczema-free little boy. Yes, ‘cured’!

But Mari didn't stop there. Like all good moms, Mari was eager to share her secret:

"Other moms started asking me for samples of what they called my “magic salve.” It cured one child’s unrelenting diaper rash in one diaper change. It stopped a mom’s major stove burn from even blistering. It even calmed a grandma’s arthritis. “This works on everything, Mari,” the moms began telling me. “Can I have some more?” And you know how moms talk. I couldn’t keep up!

And so, with this “magic salve,” a new mother-owned business was born.

"‘Skin Repair’ is made from completely pure, rich, natural ingredients only. And, because I created it to help my little boy, I always say its extra ingredient is love. My mom friends say their homes, diaper bags, purses, and first aid kits are never without ‘Skin Repair’—may it serve you and your family as well!


Mari Carlin Dart"

Our story about suuthe all natural, pure skin repair continues:

Since that one product, now known as Skin Repair, was shared around that first mother’s group, suuthe has developed an entire line of 100% natural, food grade products that work to restore and enhance the health of your skin. At suuthe we make all of our products with you - our customer - as our top priority. If it doesn’t work, we don’t sell it.

But don’t listen to us. Try them for yourself!

Our natural skin repair product line:

Skin Repair for healing damaged skin- the product that started it all! 
Natural Body Butter for hydrating dry and damaged skin. 
Soothing Lip Balm for sensitive areas around the mouth and keeping lips moisturized and healthy. 
Facial Moisturizer to nourish, refresh, and deeply moisturize your face. 
Pure African Shea Butter that is extremely gentle on the skin and aids in deep repair and moisturizing.
Pure Emu Oil that penetrates deep into the skin to repair and normalize damaged tissue.